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Type of Business Grants

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Business Grant

Government has pushed out various business grants to support the growth of Singapore as a hub for global trading and startups. Companies need to act nimbly and integrate capability building, innovation, and internationalisation in their strategies to prepare their businesses for the future.

Government grants could support SMEs in areas such as adopting IT equipment, digital solutions, fund capitals for hiring local talents, ventures overseas, redesigning company workflows etc. 

Understand the type of business grants that can integrate with your company’s business strategies.

Type of Business Grants

Enhance your productivity
by adopting IT solutions and equipments

Explore new ways for growth
by tapping on innovative technologies

Reduce unnecessary overhead/labour expenses by digitizing your operating procedures, reskill and retain your employees

Increase business efficiency by reviewing, redesigning and automating your workflow and processes

Gap analysis
Identify your business challenges and/or areas for development
Business Model Analysis
Analyse your company background for suitability
Financial Statues Analysis
Analyse your current financial strengths as various grants have different levels of financial requirements to get approvals.
Solution Building
Drafting & planning of the solution or strategy for your business
Grant Application
Tap onto the relevant grant that applies to the solution
Execute the solution or strategy according to your plan
Capital Reimbursement
Receive the grant from the government body

Our professional certified business management consultants will provide you with advice and assistance alongside you throughout the journey.

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